Saturday, November 9, 2013

Organization and such

Found this link and I specifically like the use the dustbin/tong sampah as the wrapper holder which I will use. Andany behind door and vertical storage is a keeper too.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to hang Window Curtain Rods

Ok, funny that I needed to look up on this.

we are into our 4th home already but since its gonna be our forever home, I want to put more thoughts on this than just curtain rods.

I will be back when I gather more.

This is what I have so far.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Stumbled upon this and immediately some of which I can relate and totally do.

2. Enlist the rule of five every time you clean.
4. Hang your bags with shower curtain hooks.
7. When cleaning the bedroom, always make the bed first.
9. Limit your closet to 40 hangers. (Need to brave, or change it to 80 hangers?)
13. Use compartmentalized boxes for small things you need to keep organized, like batteries. (Done this already, and it has saved us time searching)
15. Fold your bedsheets up and stuff them in a matching pillowcase.
16. Employ the “Crap Basket” system for your family.
18. Always open your mail next to the recycling bin so you can immediately purge unwanted junk mail.
28. Use hooks, not towel bars.
29. Wrap the cords around your unused appliances and secure with Velcro.

Enjoy the list.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

Welcome back from wherever you are and since we are still in Syawal, Selamat Hari Raya.

We just got back, BKI-KUL-PEN-BKI pheewwww so tiring to even think about it.

Ok since I am in organization mode and bibikless since puasa, it was my intention to buy less for iftar/berbuka thus the idea is less membazir. Kids eat what is homemade more as its in their instinct which are more nutritious for them. However, for berbuka, we tend to want to eat different things everyday thus the fridge gets to be stuffed with things that I pretend to eat later but never get around, to buang outright was too membazir.

Now coming back from Raya, I don't have any fridge space left and no container and serving dishes because they are all in the fridge.

A fridge clean up is in order ......

and I saw a post here recently which would help ...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Organization 101 : Purse Organization

OK, my purse aka handbag has been this way for a few months already, so when I saw Toni's challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons, its a natural thing to do.

I actually bought those handbag organiser pouch in one of my trip. I usually ended up buying something I thought I needed 50,000ft in the air, in a12 hrs flight and this was what I needed that time.

Although I paid a hefty price esp. for something I didn't use cause it didn't work for me.
Tintamar HB organization

What I have instead is the system that Toni and many others have used, it simply works. This in a way was not an organizing challenge cause it is already this way :-) for the past few months. Here goes.

All cards in one place, got this early this year at Elle. This is the only one I bought to organize, the other pouches you see are free or something I already have.

Make-up cum hygiene pouch. By the way I love the Hand Maid smell I found at Sephora and the Clinique Chubby Stick, my kids called "Crayons".

IT warrior essentials, sorry a bit blurry. The battery bank has been a saviour in a few occasions. Pardon the Pic -not as clear. 

All in all, the butterfly pouch is for sunglasses and the blue one is my iPad mini.  I also have my iPhone that I throw in last minute before heading out the door.

How it looks like.....

Ready to go.......

If you see, the system works for me despite the size of bags I have. The handbag organizer I shown above didn't cut it as it assume I have the same size handbag. I am a petite lady so my handbags are also small in size, my preference actually. So when I decide to go for a short trip to the mall, I may not bring my IT warrior pouch, so I leave it behind esp. when I use my casual Celine Trio bag, or my latest small Coach, forgot the model, hafta look it up.

So, what do you have in your handbags ladies??

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Although I live in Malaysia and everyday throughout the rest of the year are either sunny or rainy, we do spring cleaning nonetheless.

In fact spring cleaning for us could be anytime of the year, no change of season to mark the changes, but more often than not, I do mine in April. Old habit dies hard and the likes of Zara and Mango doesn't help as well with their Spring collection display replacing the winter wear.

So I did some spruce up in the storeroom where things can pile up really fast. Next up was my home office; where homework; office work and bills can take over the surface in a jiffy. That was tackled in one weekend. I did the wardrobe for myself and the kids and am soooo happy with what I learned. And few weeks afterwards the fact that it is still in the same condition showed that its a good sign; the system somewhat works.

I will have to put up some pictures but note to self take more before and after pictures ya....

The entryway catch all, now in matching polka dots boxes, 1 for mails, tissue and keys.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Organizing in Malaysia

Did I tell you that I have been trying to find home organizing blog in Malaysia or this region and couldn't find one.

All my favourites have been in the US, not even in Europe. Maybe its a movement there.

There are a lot of ideas already on these blogs and Pinterest, why then start a new one?

First, the things they use for organizing is not available here. The dollar store and also container store.
We do have the 100Yen, Daiso and Kaison and of course IKEA. At least we have these, although as I have moved to KK recently, while I have my IKEA visit, bulky items are for my eyes only...not until I move back to KL in a few years.

Second, there are unique things that are Malaysian and Asian things that needs to be organized a certain way. We for once don't have a garage and store room (if you have any) are rather small and under the stairs kind. We don't have a pantry and we don't have laundry area. Most people don't have a walk-in closet.

Enough reason yet? So the blog is born...

This is my findings at Kaison and Daiso, drooling at the boxes and containers...
This is Kaison and I always have a warm and fuzzy feeling going here. 
What you can find in Daiso...drool